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Aesthetic Dentistry

Healthy, beautiful teeth are essential for a confident, winning smile. They play a significant role in aesthetic sensibility and self-esteem in our society.
Inherited (ie, malocclusions), acquired through various habits (discoloration, caries) or traumatic (loss of teeth or whole teeth) aesthetic defects, can be corrected in a tooth-friendly manner using a wide range of innovative techniques and materials. Orthodontic methods (removable or fixed tooth regulation), all-ceramic veneers (veneers on the anterior teeth in particular), inlays, onlays, and the like. Crowns and bleaching (teeth whitening with temporary dehydration) are just a few of the possible treatments we offer.
The success of aesthetic dentistry is based, not only on a treatment plan that corresponds to the individual wishes of the patient, but also on the optimally coordinated cooperation of the specialists in the various treatment areas.

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